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Most Famous Mixtape

  • 50mins
  • 8 performers
  • Calarts
  • Feb 25th & 26th @ 8pm

In 1977 humanity, or more specifically Carl Sagan and crew, launched what is now the farthest man made object in existence. Now the world’s most famous record, it contains a combination of images, sound bites, and instructions that would cue unknown worlds into what life on earth was/is like. Mimicking the selection process of the original Voyager missions, Most Famous Mixtape looks at what a Voyager 3 mission would look like if launched in 2016. The heart of this dance drama centers on humanity’s need to connect and our unending search for what else is out there. Piecing together memories and objects from Choreographer Leslie Scott’s childhood in the 80s and 90s the work looks at what is at the heart of the human experience.

dark light

  • 6mins
  • 3 performers
  • Dance St Louis
  • May 29th @ 8pm

Lit only with handheld flashlights, dark light will be premiering at the Dance St. Louis Festival this May. Stay tuned for ticketing info!