BODYART in 2014

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TEAXS here we come! The company is headed to Dallas this weekend for an action packed 4 days. Join us at the Dance for the Plant Festival Performance at 4pm on Sunday, April 13th @ Montgomery Arts Theater . Booker T. WHSPVA

BODYART is excited to announce our NYC season this August 1st-3rd! Check back for additional information.


BODYART has started on our newest dance film work, BLOW. The work is partially funded by the Queens Arts Council and will premiere this summer.

2013 marked the beginning of BODYART’s dance on camera work with the first series, The Decay Project. Our first work was filmed in the abandoned Majestic Theater in Bridgeport, CT with a specially composed soundscape by Benjamin Shelton and Videography by Jason Bahling. The first in this 5 film series is set to be released in 2014! Continue reading for additional information on this project.

The Decay Project is a series of movement-based short films born out of broken down and/or decayed spaces in our everyday landscape.  From natural disasters to spaces left in ruin by years of neglect, The Decay Project finds beauty in unexpected places through collaborations with local artists. Rather than focusing on the issues that caused these stages of decay, it is the project’s goal to focus on beauty through rebuilding, sustaining or reflecting. In today’s social climate beauty tends to have ridged constraints and this project seeks to shine a new light on unconventional beauty in both the space and the performers.


Each of the five dance films in this project will start with a residency between NYC based BODYART and local movement artists, composers, musicians and videographer(s). For each of the films it is BODYART’s goal to work with artists who reside in the area close to the filming venue. Drawing on local experiences, these films will be a culmination of a creative collaboration, leaving everyone in the creative team as much an author of the story as the next.  With so much history embedded in the skeletons of many of these locations, The Decay Project seeks to bring new generation of audiences to these striking spaces.